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Built to be a winner, it led me to focus on my strengths and into the world of people, design and technology. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Seasoned, results-oriented design leader with two decades of professional experience designing interfaces and experiences for mobile, web and desktop platforms. Practitioner of user-centered design methods including the synthesis of contextual research, usability testing, iterative prototyping, analytics analysis to derive behavioral evidence and more. My experience spans in-house, agency, and service consulting roles across Finance, Healthcare and eCommerce verticals. I'm passionate about fostering effective partnerships, managing relationships, and effectively influence and build alignment to meet or exceed business goals and objectives.

"Good design is good business"
- Thomas J Watson
Steven Roy


Culture & Teams

Proven and repeatable method for building teams from the ground up with established mature design cultures capable of solving wicked problems.

Design Thinking

Adept at establishing design thinking practices,  training methodologies and connecting diverse disciplines into unified project teams.

Process & Systems

A three-dimensional thinker that sees the patterns in the noise, I have successfully operationalized UX design methods into a repeatable process to solve business problems. 

Design Facilitation

From project teams of 5 to 55, I've fostered a nurturing environment that supports radical candor in the formation of interdisciplinary teams that cross enterprises.

Digital Strategy

Working at the intersection of marketing, the business, technology, and the user to design customer centered experiences that drive business results.

User Experience

From napkin sketch to fully functional simulations, I understand how to balance intuition with behavioral evidence and research that solve problems and addresses unmet needs.



Building a successful user experience consultancy and running a small business for over seven years. I have the heart of an entrepreneur with the balance of tremendous patience that allowed me to successfully transition into the Agency and later the in-house Agency worlds.

I cut my teeth in the Agency world working on product and brand experiences for pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers. These experiences, in this highly complex and regulated space, allowed me to gracefully transitioning into the financial vertical.

I my last position as the Sr Director of User Experience  at Charles Schwab, a leading financial institution with over $3.5 trillion under management. My responsibilities span leading digital product design, UX strategy and UX engineering within Schwab’s in house agency.

In this role I built a team of Product Designers, Service Designers, Content Strategists, UX Engineers and UX Research resources that design and implement omni-channel brand experiences across the Charles Schwab Corporation.

At Charles Schwab I led the:

  • Creatation of Schwab's largest UX team from the ground up
  • Redesigned Schwab’s public facing retail web experience. Twice.
  • Overhauled Schwab’s retail on-boarding experience.
  • Designed Schwab’s online Branch experience. 
  • Established a modern interdisciplinary design process in partnership with technology and business teams.
  • Scaled the adoption of an enterprise wide project management platform, WorkFront, to establish modern, efficient, collaborative design practices.


Charles Schwab: Investing Services

Low Performance Reporting  engagement

In order to understand why and define how I created a strategy deck that included:
- context surrounding the problem,
- use cases,
- evidence-based recommendations and,
- wireframes of possible interaction models and flows.

Charles Schwab: Investing Services

Remember MapBlast?

Regardless, it was no Google Maps and back in 2009 Schwab was still using MapBlast to provide mapping capabilities, using 16 different legacy databases, two different CMS platforms and two different domains that duplicated the urls diluting SEO benefits. My efforts included:
- a competitive review,
- user studies / journeys,
- IA specifications with wireframes, and
- a usability  findings report.

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I'm always interested in talking about good design in buildings, brands, the digital realm and the natural world.